OCEANDIVA FUTURA is literally and metaphorically a next-level location capable of hosting up to 600 guests in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. The four rooms on the three levels each have their own distinctive features. What they have in common is the futuristic yet warm style, limitless possibilities, and the huge windows offering panoramic views. With a length of 60 metres and its stylish and modern charm, the FUTURA makes a striking impression straight away. As they enter the central area, your guests will find themselves in the heart of the ship. The four-metre high space, the wooden floor, the large stage and the LED-illuminated bars create an immediate magical impact on your car launch, anniversary party,

or top-notch walking dinner. The lounge deck is on the same level, and has its own LED bar and flat screen TVs that you can use interactively, or for branding purposes. This space also has all-round views of the water and is ideal as a sub-space, or for receptions or dinners. The VIP deck on the next level is a fabulous location for an informal drinks meeting or a discreet break-out session. The outdoor patio on the uppermost level, with its 360-degree view over the water, offers countless attractive options in both summer and winter. Bring a little movement to your event – choose what the ideal berth is for you in the Netherlands, Germany, or Belgium. You may even prefer to sail!

Unique Venue Points

75 - 600 guests
Futuristic and luxurious (1.250m2)
4 rooms: central area / lounge deck / VIP deck / outdoor deck
Panoramic views
Branding opportunities

Combine ‘accessibility’ with pleasure and business
Top destinations in Europe
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