OCEANDIVA ORIGINAL is known for its stunning and contemporary design, and is capable of accommodating up to 1,500 guests in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. With a length of 86 metres, the ORIGINAL makes a very special impression as soon as the guests step on board. You enter the stylish glass foyer, with its 180-degree views of the water. This is the ideal location for greeting and registering your guests. After the foyer, your guests can move onto the huge balcony overlooking the central area, the dancefloor and the stage. The heart of the ORIGINAL is the five-metre high central area where it all takes place. From the balcony and the expansive floor of the lower deck,

your guests can simultaneously view your presentation, watch your fashion show, and admire the launch of a major product. Cars and other high, heavy or large objects can be hoisted on board without any difficulty through the specially designed sliding hatch. It is also possible to create four sub-spaces on board, so that you can arrange for both larger and smaller groups of people to meet. Give your summer or winter event an extra dimension with the fabulous outdoor patio, which includes its own bar and all-round views over the water. Bring a little movement to your event – choose what the ideal berth is for you in the Netherlands, Germany, or Belgium. You may even prefer to sail!

Unique Venue Points

200 - 1500 guests
Large and impressive (2.500m2)
4 rooms: foyer / balcony / central area / outdoor deck
Space for large objects
Branding opportunities

Pioneering experiences in timeless atmospheres
Top destinations in Europe
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