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Antwerp has excellent transport links from all corners of Belgium. It features several mooring points at the heart of the city centre and parking facilities close at hand. This gem of a city is a top favourite for many event planners, giving you every reason to expand your boundaries here.

Skyline from the water

The Port of Antwerp may seem to be just a normal port, but has a historic and atmospheric vibe. Your guests will visibly relish a sailing tour through the waters of the port of Antwerp: one of the world’s most important port cities.

Historic centre

Antwerp’s historic city centre adds an extra dimension to any event, making it a popular choice for event planners in the Netherlands and internationally. Its historic and gastronomic highlights are within walking distance of the OCEANDIVA, offering boundless opportunities.

Events in Antwerp

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Antwerp’s perfect location makes it the ideal place to organise your business event, dinner, conference, road show or brand event on board the OCEANDIVA event locations. At the crossroads between the Netherlands, France, Germany and Great Britain, Antwerp lies at the heart of Europe’s most prosperous region.

Antwerp is a favourite location for trade show and conference organisers to stage their events. Your guests will just love a guided tour through the waters of the port of Antwerp: one of the world’s most important port cities. The numerous possibilities at the heart of the city offer modern visitors much more than the ideal location for an event: the city is the perfect base to combine business with pleasure!

The mooring point right in front of the London Bridge, within walking distance of the centre, makes a superb location to attend a business meeting followed by a visit to the historic city centre.

Antwerp is easily accessible from all parts of Belgium and there are also plenty of hotels to choose from. OCEANDIVA event locations work closely with Radisson Blu Antwerp and Hilton Antwerp, two major players in the hotel world, situated at the heart of Antwerp. Both the OCEANDIVA ORIGINAL and OCEANDIVA FUTURA moor close to the city centre, or just outside it.

The fact that Antwerp is Europe’s most popular shopping city and the happiest city in Belgium, partly because of the quality of its public transport, are sure to make it easy for you to convince your guests of its merits.

The flexibility of the ships ensures that the OCEANDIVA event locations always showcase Antwerp from its very best side. If you are interested in finding out more about the many advantages Antwerp has to offer, please contact us.

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Hilton Antwerp

Whatever the mood, the combination of these two beautiful locations in Antwerp will make your event a true success. All the ingredients are there for a total experience.

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Radisson Blu Antwerp

OCEANDIVA event locations and Radisson Blu Antwerp became partners to offer you an all inclusive package with an experience your guests will not forget. Go beyond the ordinary!

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Berths Antwerp

Belgium’s surprising and historic favourite, Antwerp, has been our popular top destination for years – it offers everything for trailblazing customers who dare to stage their unique events on board our sailing event locations.

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Perhaps you would prefer another Belgian city as the backdrop for your event? Consider the metropolis of Brussels, for example! Or opt for Rotterdam, over the Dutch border or Düsseldorf or Cologne across the border in Germany.

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