Using the OCEANDIVA locations, you make a one-off investment in setting up and breaking down your display, after which your product or service can be presented in ten cities in two weeks to your customers, business associates, or resellers. Your event is literally on the move and you are able to reach a wider audience much more efficiently. There are other benefits, too: your target group has to spend less time travelling, which not only helps the environment, but also reduces the proportion of no-shows. Together with you, we will look at the accessibility of

your event and the cities that should be covered. We will also consider parking and transfer opportunities, local motorways, distances to airports, and available hotel capacity in the cities concerned. You will be assigned your ‘own’ Project Manager as your fixed point of contact, who will ensure that your every wish is taken care of – the facilities on board, catering, technology needs, entertainment, furniture, decorations, as well as the berths, the logistics, and personnel. We share your goal: to bring people and brands together in an unforgettable way.

Roadshow on the ORIginal

100 - 1.500 guests

Roadshow on the futura

100 - 600 guests

Top destinations in Europe
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