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Rivers of the world!

The Rhine is - in our humble opinion - the prettiest of all European rivers, and guess who are regular guests there? Right: the OCEANDIVA event locations! Navigating the Rhine, we see our 4 German top destinations (Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn and Mainz) and some of the prettiest views in the world, all passing by on the same river. Metropolis, castles, historical spots and wonders of nature: this precious river has it all. Let the divine charm inspire you. Get carried...

Dream it, design it, show it!

A feast for the eye, the OCEANDIVA ORIGINAL, wrapped in design and absolutely all of it of world-class standard: The greatest Dutch musical stars, loft-style outfitting featuring furniture and decor from design guru Koolhaas Concepts, live cooking across the ship and international haute cuisine. When Glencore Agriculture, one of the world leaders in natural resources, treats its 400 staff, nothing is left to chance. Thanks to the venue right in front of the Erasmus Bridge and the spotlights from the...

4 apr 2017, Belgium, Brand Event

Antwerp’s master piece officially opened!

The brand new Havenhuis (‘port house’) in Antwerp was the docking location for the OCEANDIVA ORIGINAL to host the Port of Antwerp’s opening event, organized by Zanzibar Events. The remarkable, futuristic building celebrated its opening during four days, with over 10.000 guests and an incredible, mega firework show, seen from the ship. The building’s glass walls and overall transparency show its metaphor for being a port that is ready for the future. It being the new daily work place for 500...

Top destinations in Europe
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