Since as early as 2003, Planet & People has been a major priority at OCEANDIVA. OCEANDIVA works together with its team, customers, partners and government in an effort to strike the right balance between caring for the planet and for the people. Increasingly, that balance has proved successful in achieving better results. Not only in terms of OCEANDIVA events, but also for society as a whole. At policy level, OCEANDIVA has introduced a range of environmental measures. For example, the OCEANDIVA event locations are powered by plug in to the shore power supply on the quayside when moored and work with partners in efforts to minimise the use of water and waste. All of these, combined with the fact

that the General Manager even allowed herself to be locked up in support of a good cause, represent genuine progress to a better, greener world. In addition, the ‘from asphalt to water’ campaign helps increase customers awareness’ of how accessible the sailing venues actually are. Instead of having hundreds of cars drive to a venue, the OCEANDIVA event locations sail directly to the customer. This not only lowers CO2 emissions (produced by the cars), but also reduces the number of no shows, which in turn helps minimise waste during the actual event. Planet & People is therefore a fundamental part of the OCEANDIVA objectives and proudly supported by the entire OCEANDIVA team.

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